DAMN-STRIGHT: Cheap Suits.

WHY? Cuz you can afford to tailor them properly and wear them without being such a tightass.

ALSO: Because suits are ridiculously priced at the uppermost levels.

Follow Me….


for example is a navy, merona suit. For about $120 total you’ve got a decently made wool suit. This is the key thing here: modern cut and 100% wool (or for the rest of this guide.. LOOKING like wool and not a shiny piece of ridiculous matter similar to a dance leotard or michael jackson corporal uniform [snaps in the crotch.. with kneepads])

So for a third or quarter (whatever you think of as an expensive suit) of the price you have a suit that probably fits better then the expensive one you just bought, off the bat. NOW, shop around for tailors and above all(!) there a 3 alterations to get done (hopefully only one if you’ve gotten the right size initially)

  1. Hem Sleeves… you should know this already, manly-man or circus girl-boy… jackets sleeves 1/4″ above your shirt sleeves
  2. Hem Pants… FUCK CUFFED DRESS PANTS. FLAT OUT. STOP PRETENDING YOU’RE IN THE 1920’s WEARING A ZOOT SUIT…. No. Nooooooo. No. Nope. Stop. Not even just a little. Fucking stop, dude, seriously. YOU can’t. Long story short, don’t get them hemmed with a cuff unless you’ve bought yourself some skinny legged pant where that might be cool. Chances are on a cheap suit the pants are like in the picture to the left and normal sized.
  3. THE SINGLE MOST CUT THAT WILL SET YOU APART: Taper the coat. Have the sides taken in a little. Shouldn’t run you more than $30.

With all of these alterations in check, you will seriously look like you’re wearing a much more expensive suit.. and say you have to get all 3 alterations done because you’re just that poor guy that falls in between rack sizes… thats still only ($10 for each hem, we’ll guess) $165.00 for a suit that fits you perfectly (as it should).

As far as material… definitely go for 100% wool if you’re an amateur. The inexperienced man in a polyester/rayon suit usually looks like he’s wearing A.) a rental swing dancing costume or B.) a Chinese acrobat’s uniform. Just be very clear on what a wool suit looks like and a cheap polyester one (for reference, see any of those horrible boutique shops in Georgetown… look for STUPID-BIG pinstripes and material that glares). Once you know exactly what you DON’T want to look like (assuming you’re going for the “I want to be taken seriously as a man”-look) you will be very wary of any suits that are not 100% wool. So, not to say man-made material suits are the devil, as I own a few myself… the deal here is that when buying them, try them on, compare them to the nearest wool suit, and really, really scrutinize their reflective properties.

If the suit shimmers, let it go.

I will get into what colors you need very soon. For now, you need to work with what you’ve got and get it tailored right to make it not look like the cheap, off the rack, suit separate thing that it was when you bought it (on sale).

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