DON’T: Look ‘pimp’


If there ever were a more 90’s–misogynistic–over-the-top–“look-at-me”– not classy–“Mrah, See! I’m a gangster from the 20’s, sellin’ moonshine to you dirty dames!”– phrase than, “That’s pimp,” then please, let me know.. because I want to know what few words can retard societal development more efficiently (just in case).


Ahem. Shall I continue?

If you’re sitting there thinkin… “Yea, that’s more like it,” you should probably subscribe to my blog, and pray for the best. However, you may already be fucking doomed. Please be clear, this attire is not acceptable in any professional setting. Even in informal settings, its odd and off putting to normal people. I mean, just think of the faces of “what the shit are you wearing” you’d garner by doning a village people’s (person’s?) outfit to a nightclub. Sure, its “dance-wear”… but it also makes you look like you are joking.. as in, joking about your life, in general, or joking about the idea that anyone should respect you. [note: the previous sentences are only to be ignored when zoot-suit is adorned on halloween.. overdone, tacky, sure.. but that’s what halloweens all about]

More to follow


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