Dead: Gaudy Back Pockets

Picture this: A MAN, not in high school, but rather 25ish or older, wearing.. ah fuck it. Just look. Pulled this from the brand’s website. Yuck dude.

A hideous $45 purchase. How can I take you seriously… you’ve got graffiti-esque embroidery sewn on you ass… and a DOLLAR SIGN? Come on. Dollar sign pendants come as part of the hip-hop Halloween costume. Between this and over-matching, I’m at a loss. Casual clothing outfits that cost you more than a suit boggle my mind. Why spend more on your t-shirt and jeans, that you can’t wear to a nightspot, or to work, knowing that they are the cheapest pieces of clothing to make.. on earth. 



This ALSO sucks. For $150, Paper Denim will have you looking like an ass. Silly detailing like this just looks cheap. So many people are obsessed with looking like they have money that they end up looking cheap. Everyone can tell that you aren’t ballin’. Stop.

Between these busy back pockets, overmatching your glossy knock-off Nikes (which is apparently legal these days?), and hoodies with elementary-level, repetitive designs… urban casual is completely silly to me. Yes… silly.

One Response to “Dead: Gaudy Back Pockets”
  1. Lenore says:

    I gotta agree that the former are atrocious. The PD&C though…I don’t think they’re over the top. Beware, I think you’ve insulted a lot of Georgetown boys and their decisions of how to spend the denim allotment of daddy’s money…as have I!

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