How To: Clean Up Nice.

Let’s break this down into a few steps, round it out with a few rules, and maybe throw a tip or two in there for old times’ sake. Here’s a daily regimen for cleanliness and keeping your skin looking younger, longer.

Step 1: Shower.

Simple enough, right? Soap, shampoo, it’s all good. If your soap doesn’t have any added moisturizers, immediately follow your shower with some lotion (after drying off)– avoiding the face. Soap, inherently, clings to greases and will pull the moisture out of your skin, so refrain from soaping your face up in the shower, leave that for later.
As far as shampoo goes, short hair can usually get away with cheaper stuff. However, if you’re prone to an itchy scalp, stay away from shampoos with alcohol in the ingredients (ethyl-anything = alcohol)… plus your hair will thank you for it in the long-run.

Step 2: Lotion.

I know I threw this in under step 1, but that was to stress to the bar-soap types how badly they need to lotion after a shower. If you are a person of color, you WILL in fact be Ashy Larry– you will be that man, yes– if you use a non-moisturizing soap and neglect to apply lotion. Do not do this to yourself. Seriously, guys, just a little lotion in some key areas and your skin will be a lot nicer over time. Considering we’re already rougher creatures with callous-soled feet and cinder-block-juggling hands, why not at least try to smooth ourselves over?
*Avoid the face. There is face lotion for a reason. Body lotion is thicker and will clog up your pores.. I have seen an acne-free face (in the mirror) come home from work with little random white heads as a result of putting body lotion on a freshly showered and shaved face– which brings us to our next step…

Step 3. Shave.

Yep. AFTER you shower. Because the hot water will prepare your face for shaving.. hot water curls up your facial hair, priming it for a trim and helping prevent cuts and nicks.(Remember– Shit, Shower, Shave.) You can also switch this and lotion, however, when your skins a little damp still (from after the shower) your lotion will cover move square footage than when apply to a totally dry body… so economically, lotion first.. skip the face (last time).
So yes, now you can shave. Shaving is essentially dragging a razor around your face, which is unnaturally shaving off a layer or two of skin cells (read: millions). For this reason, I would recommend skipping shaving whenever you can get away with it. Just shaving half as much will help preserve that youthful regrowth quality of your skin that is much appreciated later in life.
Follow up with some aftershave to prevent razor bumps or pimples.

Step 4. Face lotion.

So you’ve shaved and applied aftershave. Now would be the time to apply eye creme (if you have it… yes they make it for men… no its not too prissy).. and then face lotion. Face lotion is thinner than body lotion and won’t leave you looking shiny (read: ridiculous) or feeling flush during times of physical activity (because your skin can breathe).


  1. Shit, shower, shave. (if all else fails, please just remember this)
  2. No body lotion on the face. Its a bad look.
  3. Shave, aftershave, eye creme (wrinkle cream if you’re old enough), face lotion.
  4. Exfoliate once or twice a week, max… unless you’ve got some dermatologist-worthy problems.. then consult him/her about this.


  • Yep… the exfoliating thing… after a mean night on the town (aka drinking and eating horribly) you should wash your face before bed (whenever you actually make it back there) and use an exfoliating scrub. Binge drinking and greasy eating (pre-game, bar food, or drunk-food [the ‘so i don’t have a hang over, shove a big mac in my mouth before bed’ snack]) can and often will cause an otherwise clear face to break out or at least furnish a pimple or two.
  • CVS, or Target will be all you need for some quality men’s grooming products. Get some good smelling, men’s line of stuff and see what works for you. Usually they’re broken down by your skin-type.. oily, dry, etc.
  • In your own place, keep all your shit right in the medicine cabinet. On the road, you don’t wanna’ have a murse* full of products… that’s embarrassing to even the manliest man… so pick and choose the necessities, or better yet, get some travel size shit and tuck it away in a little pre-packed bag. They’ll never know, and you’ll always look fresh and clean… sans eye bags even when you just got off the red-eye to wherever.

*Stay tuned for a feature on man-bags (mangs? mbags?) and how to avoid a murse (man-purse).

One Response to “How To: Clean Up Nice.”
  1. John says:

    Great tips! Keep on writing!

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