ManCessories pt. 2

Upon further consideration, I’ve decided to revisit ManCessories. Honestly, I’ve just been thinking about all the stuff I missed.. So here’s more:

I’ve decided to do this in a more pictorial format than my usual 1 or 2 (stolen) pictures between paragraphs.



Really? Superhero cufflinks? Found these little scragglers on eBay… WITH MULTIPLE BIDS.. YEESH.


Yes, but… be careful:

Maybe, if you could just wear one of these…
but NO, since it has 3 effin chains in one:


No because that’s silver and gold together on a cheesy, 5-years past its fashion prime, dog-tag.


shit.. there are millions of good choices.. here are the awful ones:

BOOO! VON DUTCH men’s watches (and all of their products in general). This non-precious metal and/or stoneless piece of trash with red flame accents in the face has a $1600 pricetag…. on eBay. A.K.A. this shit actually used to cost MORE the first time around.

This is whoreishly distasteful. A fake-ass goldplated mess with your older brother’s (if he’s more in the Saved By the Bell era) casio calculator watch’s face implanted.

A cell phone watch? Some things are unforgiveable, Dick Tracy.


This one’s okay.. not even a big fan of this over-used iron-cross thing, but still:

Something about this whole titanium man-jewelry still irks me though…

Ahhhh, this is why:

Note: CZ-stone-age in this girly id bracelet.

Moreover, there’s this gem:

Tungsten Carbide Bracelet with..CERAMIC! Effin’ Nast.

Closer: Man’Cessories = BE CAREFUL.


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