If there’s one thing this world lacks in this day in age, it’s manners.

People like to blame the hippies and women’s rights movement for setting the stage for our currently crass, pro-vulgar, out-asshole one another ways (we’ve all been in this race before). I, however, blame… us. Sure, our outlandish lack of chivalry and self-prolonged adolescence are learned behaviors, not without any roots stemming to our upbringing. But the fact of the matter is, we all make our own decisions, and every second of the day there is another decision to be made. Yours past behaviors may lean you in the general direction of choosing to be an asshole all the time. You may find you naturally are a 28-year-old fratboy. Perhaps you’ve built your life around douchery and you’re a well established middle-aged douche, looking on at the dickheadedly stimulating prospect of retirement (from all responsibilities including wife, kids, and relatives). In all of these scenarios, though, you still have a choice.

Every time you keep the seat on the bus because your weak legs are too tired and the old woman stares down at you uncomfortable holding a metal pole for support…. you’ve made a choice.

Every time you give up holding the door for a woman (or a man here and there) because waiting 3-5 (dare i say 10!) seconds is unthinkable… you’ve made a choice.

Ever time you scream obscenities to your friends with complete disregard for the Innocent 7-year-olds nearby… yep, choices.

(excellent picture, thank you google image search)

I know. I know. This whole post. Manners? Really? But its a problem these days. Your controlled jerk-humor gets taken the wrong way by “i-want-to-stand-out” aspiring, misguided adolescents. They take it and run with it and become you. Chances are, you do this, actually. Then you get a little older, mature, and settle down a little… and immediately realize you can’t go anywhere or do anything without running into constant reminders of how much of an ass you were. Sucks, huh?

Every second you are alive there is a decision to be made about what you will do and how you will act. Please keep at least a tiny idea of the future in mind when choosing whether or not to act like a gentleman. Notice that nothing bad happens from acting polite. Meanwhile, being a dick.. especially for the sheer joy of dickery… may result in Instant Karma.


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