NO! (re: suits and flip flops)


Taken in Brooklyn yesterday. This is a shame.

It was only 65 degrees outside– bare with it, guy, you’re not on vacation and you’re wearing a wool suit.

Why not get a few strands of hair twisted into a beaded braid? That would sure “shake things up” and be “original.”

Boooo to you sir. Booo.

p.s. Men’s shoes don’t include 3 inch spikes to stand on with your toes mashed into V-formation (unlike high heels that women wear daily). Hence, quit whining that your feet hurt and wear some real shoes– You look frail-bodied.

photo credit: J. Bizzly

2 Responses to “NO! (re: suits and flip flops)”
  1. Jill says:


  2. Kamikaze says:

    and he’s got a bluetooth…the DEVIL.

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