Layering Multiple Patterns

I’m not a pessimist, BUT, this CAN and most likely WILL totally backfire on you. This maneuver is not only complicated and impractical.. its also very geologically influenced.  In urban areas, many a man can wear a florally pattered shirt honerably. In some of the back country areas of this nation, a flowery shirt may threaten your safety, or at least hinder your comfort in most settings. Anyways, its a bold move that needs to be executed precisely.

Perusing this article from the New York Times, “Men in Plaid Do Mix”, I’ve found that, honestly, this may be over MANshion’s head. Seriously.

Check out this slideshow.

All of this screams for too much attention, and not the kind of attention you necessarily want. If people have to squint when they look at you because your attire is disorienting.. you have crossed the line. I would recommend offsetting wild patterns (ie. houndstooth, herringbone, pocadots, mini stripes) with flat patterns (ie. fat stripes, or single-colored pieces).

This works because of the offset the blazer provides.. and the dueling stripes aren’t cause for alarm.

Left: No. (shirt stripes running into pants stripes is awkward.. like driving on metal grates, uncontrolled and random shifting.. yea he’s just too stripey)

Right: Yes. (excellent offset.. things compliment one another.. easy on the eyes)

And this: Well.. don’t you dare do this, not if I know you.  The shirt *maybe* can be salvaged.. the pants are inexcuseable and could be the cause of many a disaster.

That’s it. Go easy on the patterns.

2 Responses to “Layering Multiple Patterns”
  1. Lenore says:

    sorry for no picture (next time i’ll be ready), but i should share that i just saw a man in a black suit w/ pinstripes, a green and muted blue plaid shirt, and…wait for it…a DIAGONAL STRIPED TIE in a whole new shade of green!

    an abominable melange of fabrics, patterns, and colors. horror.

  2. Robert says:

    and you misspelled “honorably”. dammit.

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