Murse vs. Manbag: YOU! (read: I!) Decide.

A murse. A man purse. A ‘no.’

The look and the holding mechanism are all wrong here. There’s something about a man supporting a bag with his wrist that says “I’m done with this whole testosterone thing, please, take my nuts.”

A manbag is either grabbed by the handles directly in a manly manner or slung around the shoulders properly. This is all. No handles around the wrist or elbow, ever.

A manbag is kind of a funny term, not to be taken too lightly. Depending upon tone, one can use manbag in a harmless or semi-threatening manner. A MURSE, though, is in fact a stab at the jugular of your manhood. If someone calls you out for having a murse, this is suitable grounds for arguing and possibly fighting.



Notice the bolder, square-ish shape. You need some manly boxiness in a bag. You also need good strong handles for properly manhandling such a bag. The shoulder strap is totally necessary to maintain maneuverability with two free arms. Rugged construction, leather and nylon, some metal finishes… all the ingredients for a manbag that says “Not a purse, buddy.”

In fact, as a rule of thumb when picking a bag for taking to work/class/etc., imagine a bag you would want to haul stolen money or drugs in after a heist. Better yet, you’re toting the hand of a man you recently chopped into pieces.Yes, a bag so badassical yet still elegant enough to wear with a suit without calling any unwarranted attention to yourself.

Also good in the Manshion book:

Finally, if the bag resembles a purse in any way, it is, without question, a murse.

Additional Notes, courtesy of Urban Dictionary:

2. murse
303 up, 66 down

Also used to describe a male handbag, or man-purse.

Wow. I never thought I’d see a murse with a murse in his hands!

by Choco Taco ATL Jul 27, 2005 email it
3. murse
156 up, 33 down

a man-purse. very fashion-forward right now, seen on many hipster guys. the line between a messenger bag and murse is very fluid – typically a murse is a bit smaller than a traditional messenger, and may have a slightly more stylized look to it. a murse can also be used to carry a laptop computer – one of the reasons it is so popular right now.

“wow, Mark’s new laptop fits perfectly into that small bag he carries”
“yeah, that’s a great murse. it matches his american apparel shirt.”

by Apb24.1 Canada May 2, 2006 email it
5 Responses to “Murse vs. Manbag: YOU! (read: I!) Decide.”
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  2. I’d go for something in full leather such as the Visconti ones shown here:

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  2. […] 1.) This man wearing a SWAGbag. (No, not swagger, but S.W.A.G. as in “Stuff We All Get,” like at a conference or event). This bag is in no way a respectable manbag. […]

  3. […] …and just in case you have no luggage, no money, and a trip coming up this weekend… this sets only $20. It looks good, all considered, and will probably last you until just about the second you get back.  The moment you reenter you home the bags with fall apart at the seems and curl up like worms drying on the pavements before eventually crusting over and dissapating away into the atmosphere as dust. PS. Don’t wear the effin’ backpack over a suit jacket. Rolled-up sleeve oxford shirt, fine, but if a strap is to grace you blazer’s shoulder, it best belong to a reputable manbag. […]

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