Is YOUR V-neck Too Low?

“Wanna show a little man-skin this summer ’cause you think you’re a sex?”

Well, Welcome to the Wonderful Word of v-necks (And Alliteration). I’d like to start by telling you that first sentence was supposed to be bothersome and in fact was a test. If you liked the way that sounded, I encourage you to read more Manshion and get in touch your inner scrotum. Inner scrotum, yes, because you, rightfully, thought you lost it (them, nuts), when in fact it (they?) slowly retracted into your body creating another a crevasse before your taint.

Man Down:

Chest-meat or not, this cut is downright feminine.

I had an ex-girlfriend with this shirt.. Case closed.

I like v-necks. Ones that don’t require a (strapless) bra. They’re excellent under dress shirts because your undershirt no longer shows its sweat-stained neckline when you loosen up your collar or go tie-less.

G-rated, Sans-cleavage, Manshion Approved:

3/4 sleeves? Why not!… Just note that you don’t feel like you’re looking at something inappropriate here.

Also cool, just watch out for over-matching your shoes if you are not living in a lifestyle conducive to shoe-whoredom. (ps. I like these guys, and tip of the hat to anyone who can live life above the poverty line while fighting the never-ending shoe-hoarding battle)

So, be clear: If you have to worry about leaning over and giving the world a much unwanted show because of your V-neck… you have DERAILED.


As if you had any questions left… this is the biggest never.. well, ever!… as far as v-necks go.

Click pic. Nice post on nasty v-neck abuse in NYC.

ps. This addition just landed ‘Is Your V-Neck Too Low’ in the ‘Never’ category.

2 Responses to “Is YOUR V-neck Too Low?”
  1. Avenue Swank says:

    Thanks for this article! I went to urban outfitters the other day and they have a huge selection of overboard V necks. I can only assume that people will go against your rules and buy them anyway.

  2. Pablo Raul Trillion III says:

    Your v-neck can never be to low when you are on vacation out of the United States. Especially when you are on a tropical island or the Caribbeans.

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