House Rules #6

6. If your wallet OR cell phone naturally go into your manbag, AND this is your normal place of storage for them (with pockets as a distant 2nd or 3rd option)… You, my man, have a functional murse.

Extra points off if you’ve got wallet, keys, cellphone, and (G-FORBID) your chapstick in this man purse contraption swimming amongst loose change, dirty sticks of gum, and receipts. It’s time for a long hard look in the mirror, buddy.

One Response to “House Rules #6”
  1. Joeseph says:

    This is just silly. When a metrosexual starts criticizing others for not being manly enough, you know there are some insecurity issues present.

    Seriously, your entire site is appropriately feminine, so what’s with all of the faux machoism? And what’s with all of the ludicrous criticism directed at those who attempt to be more comfortable?

    For what it’s worth, I not only do not like to wear uncomfortable clothing and accessories, but I usually don’t even like the way that they look. And despite what you may believe, that doesn’t mean that I can’t be stylish or that I look worse for it.

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