take it down a notch

I hate baggy suits. I used to wear baggy jeans and shirts. I can still appreciate people that don this look in a casual setting, sure. But I refuse to tolerate a baggy suit. It’s an oxymoron.

This entry hearkens back to the man-blouse episode in its complete and utter disgust for excess cloth.

1.) When your jacket is buttoned, your sleeves and the torso of the jacket should not touch the whole way down. (Yes, like the man blouse.. no torso/sleeve friction when jacket is buttoned)

2.) Try taking your jacket size down one or two. The first suit I bought was a 42 Long. I was in high school. The last suit I bought was a 38 Regular, I have gained 10 pounds and since graduated college. I wear this suit to work, and no, work isn’t as the frontman of an indie rock band wearing a mini-suit.

3.) These numbers make no sense as far as ordering information… It’s just easier to break things up.

4.) If you take your jacket size down 1 or 2 and the jackets is “pulling” when you button it, go back up a size, do the torso/sleeve test and tailor (taper) away any excess.

5.) Get the right waist size.. no excuse if buying suit seperates. If you’re a 34 in jeans, try a 33 in suit pants. You’d like to get a pant that can fit well without a belt. That way when your belt is on, you don’t look like an orphan child sinching your knickers with a shoestring.

6.) Avoid cuffed trousers. Nothing wrong with it in theory, actually, despite fashionista’s shunning the idea in recent years. However, they usually signify a baggier pant. Be careful on these and maybe even bring back the cuffed dress pant by have the pant legs tapered in a bit (assuming they’re normal-wider sized off the rack).

7.) Look young, strong, smart in your suit– don’t let it wear you. Don’t look like an old man being overtaken by his suit as he shrinks in his glory days.

ps. askmen.com and just about every other men’s fashion website has much of the same to say

2 Responses to “take it down a notch”
  1. Joel says:

    Hey. Great site. I think you have a great eye for what us dudes can get away with.. I wanted to make one selfish suggestion. I would love more posts like the one on spring trench coats where you direct us less-knowledgeable readers to specific stores to go to for a given item and what price we should expect. For instance, I know the man-blouse is a complete no-no, but I am not sure where to go for moderately priced slim-fitting dress shirts. Thanks! and keep up the good work.

  2. anthony says:

    definitely agree with the baggy suit problem. one of the best parts of wearing a suit is that is fits your body and only yours. here is a link to some GQ rules: http://men.style.com/gq/fashion/landing?id=content_3422

    But definitely get your suit tailored, it’s more than a must. i’m starting to build up my business wardrobe too, and i read about this website: http://indochino.com/ They have a good variety of suits, not terribly expensive but theyre all about fit. they have every size possible and they help you figure out the right size to buy. check it out.

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