no guy-liner or manc-up… just maintanence.

As a little part 2 to yesterday’s “pwnage” of men’s cosmetics, I’m following up with a list of acceptable men’s facial products.

I like lists, so… here we go:

Basics (I won’t go into detail here)

  1. Shaving cream
  2. After-shave
  3. Chapstick (before your lips are on the brink of cracking and bleeding)


1. Face Wash (Perhaps one plain and one exfoliating.. use the latter sparingly)

This is from Target’s “Every Man Jack” Collection which is GQ Magazine Approved.. and relatively cheap.

2. Face Lotion (Thinner than body lotion, won’t clog pores or leave you looking shiny/glazed over)

3. Eye Cream (Apply as you see fit… good luck trying to make it look like you didn’t pull an all-nighter if that’s the case though… in most other cases, will reduce bags/darkness under eyes)

4. Energizing Gel (I don’t know what else to call this.. but this stuff uses taurine (and whatnot) make you look energized and fresh in a good, clean, manly way… throw it on before a date)

So there it is… and the best part is that all of them can be picked up at Target or your local drug store. No need to spend big bucks. Use these products to take care of your skin now, maintain and moisturize it properly, and thank yourself later when you are far less wrinkly than your peers.


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