bathing suits

The board-short movement of the past decade has tremendously increased the level of “cool” associated with bathing suits. As a 20-something, I remember bathing suits in the earlier half of my life being, well, embarrasing, tight, and uncomforable.  How about the net lining that left you itching yourself privately.. in public?  Yikes.

Boardshorts are long, roomy, and half the time leave you freeballing.  In short (no pun intended), they are the most widely accepted bathing suit among young men of Western descent (or influence).

However, like everything manshion, we examine how to stand out in the same scene as your peers.  You may ask, “But why bother? I only wear a bathing suit (b.s. from here on out) but a handful of times a year?”  You’re right.  There’s very little reason to ponder the b.s. any further.  Or is there?

The popularity of the board short is now its main downfall.  The b.s. market is saturated and you cannot tell one from another.  They all hit around the knee/upper calf and have flowers on them.  Boom.

This year, though, the fashion Gods got bored and said… “let’s bring the shorts back up”…  and YOU, as a fashion forward, though, logical, and froogle man say, “Let’s do this, B.S.”

Good Options here:

Penguin $40 at UrbanOutfitters.. click the pics.

Chaps $25.00 at (why not? sheeeeeeeeeet.)

Polo, $50 on

HA.. and I feel a rule coming on…

2 Responses to “bathing suits”
  1. I found your article and thought; these guys understand! But let’s go one further…given the slew of the same old hibiscus and skulls year in and year out…you can hardly say that the mainstream players are in ‘fashion’! We’ve redefined ‘custom’ and are about to launch with 100’s of completely fresh, never seen before, limited editions shorts OR you make your own!! There’s going to be a whole new attitude on beaches this year!

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