front pockets

Do you suffer from the lumpies? Do your upper thighs chafe at the end of a long day without manbag support? Have your chotchkies ruined your aerodynamic appearance by significantly raising your pelvic region’s drag coefficient?

Men these days have too much.. pocket.. stuff.

On any given day going to work, you’ve got:

  • keys
  • wallet
  • ipod
  • phone
  • misc- i.d. badge, bus/train pass, pen(s), change, etc.

My personal pocket weight:

Where are we supposed to carry all of this in any reasonable way without a manbag?

If I’m wearing a blazer, I’ll shove my phone in one inside chest pocket. The front pocket wallet stays in its namesake. No ipod. Key arrangement is large enough to fill the other pocket uncomfortably.. usually throw them in back pocket with jeans.. but with a suit, this is a major cause of pocket lumps. I also carry a little magical rock in the front left pocket with the wallet… yes, I am serious. Add in the i.d. badge for work in one those pockets.. now I’m just losing my stuff as I’ve strategically hidden it from myself all over my body.

So what’s the solution here? Cut off the unnecessary things. Start with your keys.. do you have multiple plastic tags on there? Bonus cards, discount cards, the dry cleaners tab, etc.?

If you rarely use it, immediately drop it. Keep a bin at home for all that. Wallets and keys should not be mobile versions of that “miscellaneous shit” drawer everyone has in their kitchen. Your whole life should not attach to a ‘fob’ or mush into a little leather folder.

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  1. […] subject for guys… gadgets. I love gadgets… any tool that serves multiple purposes well, fits in my pockets, and makes my life easier.. i’ll consider that a gadget worth throwing in the arsenal. […]

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