interior design?

There comes a day when we must all leave the nest and make a nest of our own. This nest, of course, is not a nest. Actually, the new nest is more of a big badass statement of… well… whatever you want your space to say about you.  I’m going to make some assumptions here and say most manshion-demographic men’s apartment statements involve a combination of “modern-cool-clean-cut-minimalist-sex-lair,” “rugged-though-modern-but-still-i-don’t-care-and-yes-my-entertainment-center-is-the-main-focus-overall-with-the-possibility-of-a-sex-lair-after-poker-night,” “i-really-don’t-care-i-live-like-tyler-durden-but-you-love-it-and-will-dwell-in-the-disorder-as-i-fulfill-your-badboy(slob)-fantasies.” Yea, somewhere in between these 3 apartment mission statements, the typical man will find himself.

As I move (in 3 weeks) to a new, sweet, freedom edifice, I find myself looking for some real, permanent furniture.  The task is daunting.  For the first time, IKEA is not going to be my only source of home furnishings (though I’m sure my lovely Swedish friend will supply the lion’s share of my housial objects).

In the past week I’ve been pleased to find out that Urban Outfitters is selling furniture and the like, online, and probably in stores (haven’t been there in a while).

This guy, $480, is high on my list.. and it turns into a bed, so.. Bonus.

Call me a nerd, but I’m also going with a shower curtain covered in SAT words. (I applaud their originality while simultaneously shaking my head at my shameless purchase of a “deep, weird, quirky”-guy ploy… although in 10 years when everyone forgets where this came from, I will look like said coolguy… however, I won’t be cool because my children will be using aforementioned curtain to boost their reading skills and I will be wearing dad-jeans… that’s life)

My attempts at creating a super-sweet man-lair will be further documented on manshion, along with upkeep issues  too. This should be a fun journey down the treacherously narrow path the man’s man must walk between living like his apartment’s the awkward older tweenager version of the room in his parents home OR looking like you go antique shopping in your marshmellow pants after tea-time while downloading torrent files of episodes of the Christopher Lowell show

Ps. I’ll always love shit like this:

Thanks Ikea. (especially b/c crate and barrel or pottery barn (same thing) sells this guy for $400+)


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