fat vs. skinny ties

No opener today. No cute lines or silly tongue-in-cheek wordplay.

Too skinny for business purposes.

However, if you’re in a rock band and consider playing shows “business”.. I apologize. In said workplace, ultra-skinny is completely legitimate.

The Real Battle Wages on Here…. MEDIUM Vs. FAT Ties (seriously)

The Medium Tie (a personal favorite)

  • About 2.75 to 3.375 inches at its widest
  • Bridges business and casual, though with a modern aftertaste (of neckcessorical refreshment)
  • Looks best on slimmer men, proportionally speaking
  • NO double-windsor knots!.. single-windsor or four-in-hand is preferable

This is a good medium example.

The Fat (standard) Tie

  • 3.5-ish inches and up
  • Wear it to court if you’re the defendant.. seriously.. don’t look “too cool for school” before an 80-year-old man or Judge Judy– you WILL lose.
  • Definitely the more accepted business standard.. wear it your first day before you become hip to the office environment
  • It better touch your buckle.. Nothing worse than a short and fat tie.. nobody wants a chode around their neck.. nobody you should look up to.

Good Sources for Medium Ties:

5 Responses to “fat vs. skinny ties”
  1. Kamikaze says:

    Medium ties are my ultimate play now. Time to stock up, good article. I think some people miss the fact that there are actual defined differences between skinny, medium, and your standard run of the mill 3″ tie…good job, yo.

  2. coquette416 says:

    skinny ties are hot

  3. Pablo Raul Trillion III says:

    Why not a bow tie. We as a society must expand our horizons. Right on Kamikaze.

  4. KMC says:

    nice website, my first time visiting it.

    good advice on not wearing ultra skinny ties to the workplace. out to the club is ok though.

    skinny ties are effin’ EVERYWHERE these days. almost makes me want to throw away my collection now. even my ghetto, behind-the-curve Macy’s has a “SLIM is IN” tie display. i noticed at the 2008 MTV VMA, every guy and his dog was wearing them — regardless of whether or not his body style went with it. it actually made it really un-hip to see Rainn Wilson and Mike Myers sporting the skinny tie look.

    the skinny tie look can be destroyed by a suit that’s too formal and big though. anyway it’s your blog but i like to watch myself type.

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