man-waxing…maxing… and more portmanteau’s

After the man-cup (portmanteau for men’s make-up) coverage (yes), I had to follow with another danger-zone  (hand-in-hand skipping blindly in a construction site) activity. Man-waxing is referencing hair removal, yes.

Hair removal methods:

  1. Shaving
  2. Waxing
  3. Electronic/Radioactive crazy stuff (don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about this because a.) it’s as ridiculous as it sounds and b.) I don’t know anything about it and don’t want to be an accomplice to your accidental suicide.. what can I say, I love my readers)

Shaving is basic. You shave your face… some more than others. Some shave in their hairline… you know, “shape-ups.”  Some shave other things.  This is where I stop getting into details… but maybe I’ll just offer some manly guidelines.

Upon consultation of many a woman, I have found the following methods to be preferred in listed areas.. however, if you’re a really hairy guy or work in the adult film industry, by all means don’t tell me and don’t take my word for it.


  • Face
  • Hairline
  • Neck (this really is just part of regular face shaving)
  • Cutting back overgrown areas (as in, don’t shave the whole area… but maybe help scale it back)
  • ^^ This last one applies to pretty much chest, back, shoulders, armpits, and bathing-suit area


  • Everything besides yours legs, unless you’re a Neanderthal, could probably use a trim
  • According to almost all women I’ve asked they’d appreciate a little trim to the underarms, chest, back, and undercarriage as opposed to a clean shave… they still want to be sure you’re a man, guys

Waxing (not recommended)

  • Unibrow… not the whole eyebrow, no need to shape them up unless you’ve got an extreme case you’re catching flack for… but definitely that 3rd brow in the middle.. Man-Permission totally granted to wax that guy off your face for a semi-permanent solution
  • The chest? Some guys do it… I’m not really too hairy in general, so no comment… but all I have to say is, “Dedication.” …and that if MAXING isn’t helping you get lucky, you might want to rethink a lot of things in your life

Of course I had to throw in the 40-Year-Old Virgin scene… unavoidable (actually, very avoidable, but it’s getting late fellas and I’m getting predictable)

And while searching.. I found this, which also if (sort of) funny. Ahem.. bad language in this next one (almost exclusively, actually).


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