shorts suits. never.

I’ve overheard some grumblings about this from the silly world of high fashion and I’d like to caution you about the utilitarian allure of the shorts suit.

I mean… it’s the best of both worlds right?

The rundown from Dudely McMann‘s perspective:

Shorts Suit

  • Shorts – your legs can breathe and (bonus) your suit is “FUN!”
  • Suit – ‘Hey, I mean business, from the waist up… Hello? I’m up here, ladies’
  • You’re, like, 50% closer to legitimately wearing sandals to the office, right?

These are all GREAT points (I’m flatout lying), but let’s bring it back.

Why the shorts suit is NOT OK:

Telegraph UK Article agrees with my thoughts on the egregious nature of the shorts suit:

John Bartlett asks, “Who Says You Can’t Wear Suit Jackets with Shorts?”  This picture says, actually.

Yikes. This is not exactly manshion material.

Last, a reason to consider the trend… but notice there’s no tie, and this is not a suit-attempt at all:

I’d prefer a little more short-length (ruling on short length), but the ideas starting to win me over.

Closing remarks:

  1. The Shorts Suit? Never. America is not ready for this… let London have it.
  2. Tailored shorts and a blazer?… looks like it could be a go.  Look for more on this soon.
2 Responses to “shorts suits. never.”
  1. Pablo Raul Trillion III says:

    How can you say never to “shorts suits”. AC/DC…get with it!

  2. mikkelkoch says:

    short suit? well then you aren’t a bro, you are a h..
    A have a Bro suiting up guide on my blog, check it out mate.


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