boat shoes: new old news

Old news: Boat shoes are back… actually they’ve been back for a while and probably don’t have much time left in fashion years, but hey.. better late than never? (i don’t think that applies to fashion actually).

Here are some cool boat shoe take-offs.. in casual and dressy form:

Dress-Up-Able Options:

Classic Sperry Topsiders $78 at Urban Outfitters

Billionaire Boys Club … Lots of Yen, I included a link, but these may be hard to find.

More Sperry’s (Hey, they’re the original).. $79 at Zappos (half that on eBay)

This dark navy pair in particular is really up for interpretation as far as dressy/casual styling. Basically, it depends on what else you’re wearing, but good to know you can’t go wrong foot-wise as long as its warm enough not to wear socks.

Casual Boat Shoes

Lacoste – $164 at Zappos… (too much, if you ask me, for a seasonal shoe that’s going to smell gross at the end of the 1st week)

GBX’s take on the boat shoe – $69

Original Penguin – $99.. Very casual, but definitely cool

Tommy Hilfiger… only $50 (even the normal colors)… The yellow is doable, though… probably.

Remember: Generally speaking, these are seasonal shoes. No socks.

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  1. mike says says:

    dammit, stop putting all my shit on teh innanets

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