cell phone holsters

I hate cell phone holsters. They’re terrible. I mean, really, a holster? A mini satchel on your belt just to hold your phone in a more accesible way than your pocket offers?

I apologize, guys, I know a lot of people rock the cell phone holster, and my goal here is never to alienate.  So I mean, let’s just be honest… I have some bias against the holster.

My predisposition to this can be attributed to:

  1. Kids with Sidekicks
  2. My father’s usage of the cell phone holster on weekends when he “has his cell phone on him”
  3. Individuals I know who like to carry more than one cell phone… all on their waist, at all times.



Dad jeans, neoprene cell phone case, old school phone with full body and antenna… Dad?


Can we all just agree to put our phones in our pockets?

Please comment with your opinions on the subject. As far as manshion’s concerned though… cell phone caddies = Never.

5 Responses to “cell phone holsters”
  1. Kamikaze says:

    Totally agree. Put it in your pocket…and if you have a Murse, you could put it in there, but I would argue against even thinking a Murse is acceptable.

  2. Jem says:

    Agreed! Cellphone holsters are totally the fanny packs of our decade.

  3. PCIV says:

    I’m a fan of the holdster. Leather. Same color as your belt and shoes. Keys, wallet, business card holder and cellphone???? To many items to lugg around in your pockets. Nothing ruins a nice outfit more than bulky pockets.

  4. I’m not a fan, but I use one. I have a Samsung Rant, which is the slide-out keyboard jobbie. It is too large to easily extract from my pocket, especially if I get a call while driving. I know, I know, shouldn’t talk & drive.

    So, I use a belt-clipped magnetic-flapped holster. But I don’t really like it. It feels like I’m wearing a fanny pack. Blecch. Still, it’s better than the clear plastic cage they tried to sell with it at the Sprint store.

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