sockless with oxfords

It seems there’s been a lot of sockless footwear going around these days.  I mean, last week I was talking about boat shoes and their inherent sockless nature, and now it seems I’m taking it there yet again.  This time… oxfords.

Yes, the standard dress-up shoe can be adorned minus socks, and if you’ve looked at a magazine in the past year, it’s all the rage.  In fact, I’m sockless right now.  Well, kind of.

Your best bet for the sake of your shoes and your feet’s smell is to invest in some thin ankle socks.  However, this look would be ruined if your little white ankle socks were popping out from the shoe (though I may take back these words in the future… I’m hoping not… see bad examples at the end).

Hence, take your thin ankle socks and fold them down so they stop below the cut of the shoes.

Now your feet will smell tolerable at the end of the day, and your oxfords won’t be embarrassingly ‘stank’ if you take them in for repairs.

It’s been 100+ degrees here for the last few days, and I’ve noticed quite a lot of sock-free activity.  There’s no better exscuse than excessive heat waves to try out the look.

Obligatory picture:

Note: Manshion will delve into the different viewpoints on manly leg-crossing in the future.

Note2: Why the eff is anyone at a runway event wearing what appears to be white tube socks with black lace-ups? Not to sound all high and mighty… but how does that shit happen?

5 Responses to “sockless with oxfords”
  1. yomomma says:

    great post!

    For when the ankle socks are still too much you should check out the women’s sock liners. They’re made out of a thin spandex/nylon material and they are skin colored.

  2. I love the notes on the end.

    Sockless is the rage, been the rage since last summer if not before. As an alternative to ankle socks, and another alternative to the womanly alternative provided to us in the comment section by “yomomma”…try shoe inserts. They were traditionally sold to fill up space or provide some comfort in the shoe, but they are great for socking up foot juices and odor. You can get them at Aldo, one pair like $6 or $7. When they get stank replace them. I’ve been doing this for a year, and for those who know me, I was pulling sockless in the winter…just never felt right to venture back to socks in a driver moccasin or a loafer.

  3. Ed says:

    I think the sockless look is hot. I always wear my dress penny loafers and tasseled dress shoes sockless every chance I get. I don’t wear ankle socks as my feet stay dry in the shoes. Great look in chinos, jeans and a balzer for a dressier look!!!

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