man-up your facebook profile

or myspace… if that’s possible. (Oooh! low-blow)

Yea, so if you’re like me, you’ve got a real job.

If you’re like me about a month ago, you’re interviewing and trying to get higher offers.

Also, if you’re like me, you’re always looking for a better job or a promotion.

Also, you hate the idea of missing opportunities for advancement or looking immature… because of your internet “lifestyle.”

Basically, when you hit this stage, you know what you’ve got to do, or at least what you’ve got to own up to: Your online profiles/handles/e-mail correspondence/etc. have got to represent you in a respectable light (sucks, I KNOW).

Stuff to de-tag:

yea, so… pictures of you in a beer helmet are probably not good

fall asleep on the couch during a house party? you should probably get rid of all the evidence… unless, of course, you think you’re looking for a position that requires some of these skills.

Applications that say a lot about you:

  • pirates vs. ninjas … tri-daily news feeds about you playing will make you very hard to respect
  • facebook gifts… i always wondered “what is the point of these things?” and what grown man would have any real collection of these other than the 1 or 2 gag ones someone sent you for the sheer purpose of making you wonder “what is the point of these things?”
  • what “insert-tv-show/movie-title-here” character are you?… silliness.
  • there’s a million more applications, actually i’d venture to say Most FB applications are going to make you look questionable

More things to note:

  • A new album for every weekend is a little ridiculous, 20+ you might want to consolidate, buddy
  • Listing every single movie you’ve ever liked in your lifetime is really just unnecessary, nobody (should) like you THAT much to read them all
  • Favorite quotes… should be real quotes. As in, said by sober, intelligent people.. or at least just not a list of your inside jokes.  Those are not really quotes.
  • You should probably de-tag all past, and STOP the future taking of pictures of you and friends throwing up fake gang signs.  If said pictures include skewed-lip or “kissy-faces,” you might want to check this site for your own pictures (I plug these guys so much, as a past New Jersey resident).
  • Your wall… can be harmless.  Or it can be extremely TELLING.  Just think about your friends, and think about your wall.  It’s your call here, but it might be a good idea to hide that big sheet of possible embarrasment and publicly viewable conversations attached to your name.
  • If you’re looking to pull a massive overhaul and want to detag just about everything from your wild college days, but keep a record for yourself (and for old time’s sake)… I suggest these guys:

Feel free to comment, rant/rave, or add more thoughts on this piece.


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