and they ask why i’m anti-runway…


Needless to say… it’s cool as far as an art form.. I totally respect that. For that reason, really, I can’t be mad at the picture above and the horrid Spongebob-shaped cloak depicted in it, as it is really just a wearable piece of art.  Although our friend looks like a Toasted Almond Good Humor bar, he IS getting paid to play Halloween as the fashion-equivalent of Tim Burton pulls the puppet strings… so, he… wins?

However, when people (celebrities and more commonly, mental celebrities (“It’s a state of mind”)) leave the house in said “art,” the results are less… um… picturesque. Example:

To Quote Paul Scheer (from MTV’s Human Giant)… (funny videos here)

If I had a nickel for every time a person said to me…”Paul, please, please tell me what are your thoughts on the fashion stylings from the new “Sex and the City” movie?” Hell I’d have 5 cents.

But it might be something like this….

”…that outfit could never come off in the throes of passion. That’s the kind of dress that has to be carefully unhooked by a team of trained professionals and placed in some fireproof panic room….On the other hand, the dress definitely got me excited about seeing the new movie: I had no idea it takes place in the future.”

Yowza. So after a little back-pedaling and word-eating, I’m back to “Eff the runway, give me something I can wear.”

3 Responses to “and they ask why i’m anti-runway…”
  1. classyfabulous says:

    lol. you’re hilarious. ❤ the satc reference, and you’re welcome for the runway pic 😉

  2. Justin says:

    great post…ps. did you like Sex and the City?

    wait wait, have you seen it?

  3. marshall h. says:

    now i must say i love the blog but i have 2 disagree with this one. the cloak to me is something that can be worn if worn right every peice that is on a runway can be worn its just a matter of incorporating ur own style into whatever that garment may be. now first off since the cloak is just so over the top i would have worn a pair of skinnys a really nice “murse” and yes im a fan of the…lol and a rocker tee with some wingtips…

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