crazy socks

all the magazines will tell you something like this:

‘the suit and/or tie should be subdued with a bold shirt… or vice versa… or another combo entirely, where pretty much either the suit, the tie, or the shirt “pop” out to eye with another one or two of the elements reigning it back in with more plain styling”

Albeit, their wording is probably light years ahead of mine… you get the idea though– don’t wear plaid, polka dots, and pinstripes all together in your suit/shirt/tie combo.  Done.

But ALAS, just when you are thinking, “Shucks, that sounds boring, how else can I stand out? What about ME, the INDIVIDUAL? How can I express that I’m a cool, trendy guy, with an appreciation for the arts, irony, and a dare-to-be-different flair… through my attire?”


Don’t worry, no one sees the heel.

Pink and black stripe.. wear under any suit with a pinkish shirt on and you look like you know what you’re doing… though I wouldn’t recommend pairing them with brown  shoes/belt… go black, because of the…black stripes.

Generally speaking, you should probably try to match at least one color from the socks to your outfit.

They don’t have to match perfectly… that’s what makes you “daring” and “fun”… but if your color selection is randomly generated, you may be putting yourself out there (in a bad way).

Questionable Usage:

I don’t see how this is gonna’ work with your suit, man. Not to subtle here either. See House Rule on rule-breaking.

I look at these pictures and think nothing but… “Socks!” …I don’t think you want people to look at you and see nothing but socks, so maybe take these ‘red flags’ (could not avoid it) as guidelines as to how much is too much.

So, basically, you want to add a little flair, understandable… But your socks shouldn’t ‘steal the show’, per say.  Stopping traffic with your feet, though impressive, is potentially dangerous.


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