vests, the sleeveless killer.

Vests are popping up everywhere these days. Much like the pawn child of a wardrobe marriage gone wrong, the vest might spend the weekdays with father suit jacket, cruching numbers, and producing reports, before being carted over to a flower-child bohemian mother pairing the same vest with jeans and a casual button-front shirt.  Why didn’t this marraige work in the first place? Well, because the jacket belonged to a straightforward suit, not a fashionable suit-separate type with stylish cuts… and if you’ve ever tried wearing a legit suit jacket with jeans, you’ll notice you just look stiff and wrong.  Blazers and suit jackets are two different things. One casual, the other, not.

You could have completely skipped that intro. paragraph and just started down here, sorry.

So, Vests can be worn in the following ways:

1.) With the suit they came with… easy.

2.) In different dressy configurations.. here are some recommended ones.

Beckham, doin’ it with the vest subbing in for the jacket.

The mix and match. I pulled one last week; navy (with dark navy) pinstriped vest over gray pants with navy stripes… couldn’t wear the gray jacket that went with the pants (they’re froma  suit) over it though, didn’t bring the look together..

So, in short, be careful with the mix and match playing, especially if you’re going to wear the jacket.

Mixing and matching colors and textures can just come out all funny… or make you look like a bouncer:


Darkman over here’s wearing what appears to be a leather vest over a “going out shirt” and just looks like he should be Slain Thug #3 in Shoot ‘Em Up.

3.) The Casual Vest

well, kind of casual… still could go out to dinner in this

Wondering why this example is cropped so horribly? Click the link at your own risk, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Yowza, not exactly John Wayne over there.

Last note: Cheap vests at Heritage1981… actually what isn’t cheap there?

Ps. Pair your cheap treasures with expensive and/or quality pieces and (usually) no one will know… cheap on cheap, though, will more than likely just look like it sounds, not exactly complimentary.


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