cropped pants

So, all of a sudden (not really, but to the average man who hasn’t been researching fashion daily) high water pants are cool. Yea, I don’t know either, but I’ve found myself giving in. In SHORT (haha!), you’re essentially wearing slim trousers that stop just short of the ankle.

Not to be confused with Manpris:

Manpris look too much like their female counterparts, shorter shorts are in now, and, well, they’re just not looking too good (or manly) overall.

The Cropped Pant, Done Well:

A cool 80-90 degree Friday look.

**Edit: A college just asked me about the tucked in tie pictured above… I would safely venture to say never do this whilst wearing a belt.  Generally speaking, though, you should probably not make this a habit, as you likely will face adversity.

Sans dress shirt, also cool. Noticing a white bucks (shoes) trend here as far as footwear.

However, going sockless with oxfords of black and brown colors is acceptable as well.

The casual spin… notice this guy is REALLY jazzed up about his pants losing 2 inches. I generally frown upon pastel colored pants, but, hey, this works.

So, you ask, how can I do this?

Well, for practicality’s sake, follow these guidelines:

  • Don’t hack off the legs of your suit in some hasty attempt to be trendy
  • Rather, buy a few cheap pairs of slacks and get your neighborhood low-cost tailor for the hack job
  • Wear a belt and the correct shoes when getting them measured for tailoring, there’s little room for error here
  • If you happen to have a cotton or khaki summer suit, THEN feel free to tailor them for the high-water effect
  • White Bucks are (see pictures above) an excellent shoe to “compliment” the look (“Sweet pant tailoring, guy!”… that was a shoe voice) (that was not very funny).
  • Go sockless with your dress shoes or loafers, to prevent smelly oxfords, check this post.
2 Responses to “cropped pants”
  1. Although I agree, when done correctly cropped pants can be hot! However, since I’m not patient enough to work on this trend, I’m going to sit this one out for this summer at least.


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  1. […] just to ride to the store.  One things for sure, though–these are not men’s capris (manpris), and really do appear worthy of respect. If I end up buying a pair, I’ll do a feature on […]

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