indochino is legit

I’ve upped Indochino as a “great suit for under $500” in the past, and I figured, hey, I should put my money where my mouth is. I mean, unlike the other suits I posted about, I haven’t physically seen one–just read the product descriptions and looked at some jpegs at a dangerously close proximity to my screen.  So, I did it. I bought an Indochino original last week.

The Process:

  1. Went to and started a profile
  2. Measured myself (bad idea).. HAVE SOMEONE HELP YOU, or better yet, take their advice and have a real tailor get your stats
  3. Saved my profile and ordered a suit, shirt, and tie
  4. Paid a reasonable price… (Free Shipping!.. which is big time when you’re airmailing a suit from Shanghai)
  5. Waited for the big brown truck.. took only about 5 business days to get to the east coast, US

Christmas Come Early:

I know what you’re thinking (or not, probably not, actually, but)… a black suit? in the summer?

Well it’s cotton, so it’s not as heavy.  Plus I don’t have a hip, black suit and I’ll probably wear this to some after work events.

Final Impressions:

First off, the suit quality is great.  The fabrics feel rich and nice and the cut is really cool. Definitely on par with $500-ish suits.

The fit was perfect.  Even with my “I’m impatient, I’m going to measure myself with a metal construction-type tape measure” I managed to get a great fit. I did, however, screw myself over on the sleeve length. I, admittedly, have longer arms. I also, needed another person there with me to properal measure the outsides of my sleeves. So when everything fit perfectly but my sleeves I had to just look in the mirror and say “I’mmmmmmmmmm Dumb.”

Not to worry though! Indochino offers you a $25 credit towards retailoring any piece you buy from them. So, I was pretty much covered upon taking the jacket in to get the sleeves taken up an 3/4 an inch.

I’m actually wearing the suit right now.

Loving it.

Nice tie too.

More pics to come.

For now, go to and create a tailoring profile or just window shop for a bit. The company was started by two young guys, and they’re very hands-on and responsive.  Read up about them here, and be sure to drop them a line about styles you’d like to see. They’re into fast fashion and make a limited run of all their pieces (which is always good news after you purchase, for gettin’ that exclusive feeling).

5 Responses to “indochino is legit”
  1. Pablo Raul Trillion III says:

    Well what is so special about this suit. Please refer me to a blog where you explain this.

  2. Lenore says:

    First-hand testimonial from a source close to your editor: I’ve seen this suit up close, and…it’s pretty amazing. First of all, seeing a custom-made suit will redefine your understanding of how a suit should fit. That’s pretty big already. Also, the suit seems to be super well-made, and the fabric looks high quality. My favorite part, though, is how unique the suit is–the lining is hot. You’ve gotta see pictures. I love a well-dressed man, and while (of course) your editor always looks good, I gotta say…it’s a very nice suit, and he looks extra handsome in it!

  3. I saw the suit as well…and besides the greatness in quality that they are talking about, I love the fact that Indochino stands behind their product both figuratively and monetarily ($25 tailoring credit). The ability to get custom-made suit in less than a week is pretty stellar too. Try ordering custom merchandise from other places and they say it takes 2-3 weeks.

    The lining of the suit is definitely unique. lol

  4. manshion says:

    me in the suit at friend’s wedding

    the pants, perfect fit, beltless

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