the war on crocs: advances at the frontlines

I was very glad to see this (fairly) recently:

Yes, Crocs sales have been dropping and, coincidentally, so has their stock price.

The creator, and sole investor, responsible for bringing the world the Croc is probably not too pressed, though, as this was only meant to be a fad.

Said fad has run way too long in my book though, and I’d like to position myself, here and now, defiantly on the frontline, taking shots at this plastic-resin based article of footwear.

More bliss:

Recent news coverage. I love it.

Also happy to see these…

Haha! Yes, cut them. Cut them apart. 
Cut people wearing them, cut their feet whilst a'wearing.
3 Responses to “the war on crocs: advances at the frontlines”
  1. Joseph says:

    The thing that amazes me is that any fashion expert would ever be concerned about what type of flip-flops people choose to wear. People wear Crocs because they are comfortable, inexpensive and easy. Everything doesn’t have to be fashionable.

    My opinion is that criticizing Crocs is an easy way for you to thumb your nose at those who could care less what you think of their comfortable shoes. I like my Crocs because they are comfortable, but I never once considered them as a fashion item. Which brings me back to the question where I began this comment: Why would any fashion expert concern himself with what flip-flop people are wearing? Since when have flip-flops been meant for anything other then comfort? And if that’s not okay with you, then perhaps you should check your priorities to ensure that they’re in check, because I can promise you that you’re the last person that I’m concerned about when I’m wearing my Crocs around the house.

    Having said that, I’d love to spend some time critiquing your boring choice of shoes, but I already did that in another thread. Since I’m fairly sure that this site is unwilling to post opposing views, I hope that you’ll find comfort in the small world that you’ve created here while it lasts.

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