the casual guy in the suit

The Loungeman. The Barguy. The Just-Got-Off-Workster.

The quickest ways to transform from businessman, to a man of handling the business of forgetting about the day’s business.

5:00 hits. Friday. Or Monday. Depends on what kind of week you’ve had, really.


  1. Tie loosen
  2. Top button opens
  3. Cuffs unbutton


  1. Sockless action (if not already doing so) (not in winter so much either)
  2. Pocket square (opting for a colorful one)
  3. Skinny tie (if work environment is not conducive to the narrow neckwear lifestyle)
  4. Beltless (if your pants are not properly tailored, pretend I never said this)
  5. Tie tucked into pants (try it first, may be a value-adder)
  6. A *clean* pair of tennis shoes (I still haven’t done it… another one to try first/ ask a woman about)
  7. V-neck sweater (throw it over with or without the jacket)

Things to Avoid:

  1. Tie around the forehead
  2. Lampshades
  3. Ascots
  4. Running shoes
  5. North face zip-ups
  6. Dirty undershirts surfacing
  7. Un-tucked dress shirts (never okay with a suit, never okay at all with extra wide tunic-ended shirts that run past the crotchial region)
  8. Hairstyle changes immediately following work (seems a little juvenile to rush to gel up your mohawk)
  9. “Going-Out” Shirts (expect a manshion post dedicated to this conundrum soon)

Well Done:

We should all probably shoot for this. Might just get an Angelina on your arm if all goes well.

Wouldn’t do this on the way to work… but definitely on the way to the bar, yes. Sans headphones.

Avoid Being This Guy:

At all costs.

3 Responses to “the casual guy in the suit”
  1. Anna says:

    As a girl, I whole-heartedly approve the disallowing of guys to simply “untuck” their ridiculously long button-down shirts. I happen to know someone who has tried this…but due to his height…it looks like he’s wearing a night shirt. Kind of like how girls don on the man’s shirt to sleep in and it goes to their mid-thighs…yea, not a very masculine look for the men.

    And regarding the man fridge-you should do man freezers. Try 50 or so flavors of lean-cuisines for the all-too-common bachelor freezer. “Today, I’ll have chicken masala…” or the making of 40+ preservatives that when added in the right proportion, taste like chicken. Haha! (okay, I do lean cuisines too…)

  2. Anna, has a point about those baggy boy button downs. But if ever a man untucks his shirt and the bottom of it covers up his crotch and maybe even ventures to the knees…he clearly lacks style. I just had a thought – can you imagine how a shirt that big feels when its tucked in. It’s has to take like 30 minutes to take a bathroom break. You have to find the bottom, pull it out, get on the toilet and use crutches to hold up your billowy madness of a shirt lol…’nuff said.

    Tennis shoes, yes go for it. Actually, a good idea is to grab a nice pair of casual black sneaks…picture the original adidas shoe in all black. But venture out and try different tennis shoes of that format. Avoid splashes of color it will throw this look off. And for my black people out there, don’t where some all white forces on a suit hoping to match it to your shirt, or anything like that. Might as well put it in the never section of this blog.

  3. NSK says:

    1) the black-sneaker-on-suit will make you look like a referee. if you must do sneakers – which really is a good option for younger folks, I think – they should be complementing colors to the suit and shirt.

    2) the black guy in light-gray striped suit looks silly because his shirt’s and suit’s stripes are nearly identical width.

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