Cut-Off Shorts… cool?

Insane. I never saw this coming. “Cut-off Shorts” have been the ZING!-word to many a joke as long as I’ve been alive.  But once in many a moon, the fashion Gods come together and take a blood oath. After sharing upon a blood feast and chanting for hours in ceremonious fashion, the Gods conjure up many an old spirit.  After the last of these enchanted forays into the supernatural, the best they could come up with was “cut-off shorts = a big deal.”

As they say, though, “Shit done changed in the game.” This time ‘they’ are right. The “shit” done DID change… in the game of shorts (not many players, was a quick vote).

So when you think Cut-Off shorts, think:

This look is pretty awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever admired the look of someone wearing a neck-covering (scarf?) in warmer weather, but dude (‘s stylist) pulled it off.

This is your best bet… a safe way to work the cut-offs into everyday attire.

Monogrammed patterns were done before they started… but overall in this case, good stuff.

This is the summer date look. Blazers over some short trousers.

Ps. I don’t know when you’ll ever end up in this situation… on a beach in a blazer, shirt, and tie… and not with a woman. I mean, who takes a “long walk on the beach” alone? It’s just a photoshoot, I’ll stop.

Avoid like the hepatitis alphabet:

Its all wrong here… well, on the left at least.

Notice a pattern here? Light-colored denim cut-offs cut too high will transform you into something horrible. The first guy got off lucky by just looking like a foolish douche. This second guy however was a recent college grad, nice, young respectable guy. Unfortunately, his terrible choice in shorts transformed him into the Hulk Hogan-esque middle-aged softbody that used to pregame your little league games.

Be careful out there.

2 Responses to “Cut-Off Shorts… cool?”
  1. LOL…agreed. Definitely can be done, but one false step…and omg, who is he? I think I used to go to high school with that kid, never figured he’d grow up to be such a douche…Great article!

  2. Pablo Raul Trillion III says:

    I feel some kind of way about these cut off shorts. Indeed they look good on certain individuals, but some times they do come across a bit borderline. And the last picture verified the fact that i think that cut off shorts are for people who are or look like professional wrestlers.

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