’s “that guy” test

An excellent series of 50 questions that will determine how much of an ass you are, try it out.

24-hour-Bluetooth-wearing, fist bumps, half-tucked shirts–all the primary signs of being “that guy” (that everyone can only deal with in small portions).

Manshion clocked in at a “Cool” level, hence only periodic douchey tendencies. A real eye-opener, though, as I regretfully had to check “yes” to 5 or 6 questions.

Try It Here

3 Responses to “’s “that guy” test”
  1. I received a “cool” as well. I would argue that this quiz sort of seems uni-ethnic…For instance, the reference to a cd about to “drop”…But much of it was fair game to us metrosexuals out here. LOL..Good find. I have more to add but i’ll leave it at that.

    By the way,…please do a post on cufflinks!!! I’m seeing big and bulky’s out there, needs to be addressed lol.

  2. Broski Conyers says:

    Today I tried the “That Guy” test…and recieved a “scorching” this has awesommed my day and confirmed my lifestyle choice…and reinstated my ability to make up and misspell words at random or by choice

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