white shirts… you’ll need quite a few. 6, actually.

Nothing like a crisp, new white button-front shirt. No introduction necessary… let’s get into it:

Two (2) Plain, no nonsense

Standard Kenneth Cole Shirt (or any other brand really, you should have a few) – $30-60

Indochino, custom tailored – $85 (All I could utter was “sexy” when I tried on my first custom shirt from them… try getting a custom tailored shirt, it may spoil you for life and make you a snob… I warned ya’)

One (1) French cuff

$100+ Zegna shirt from Bluefly (not my preference, but I’m sure the quality is never a question)

2 wouldn’t hurt, but cufflinks everyday is bothersome.


2 Fashion

Slim-fit GAP white fitted shirt. $50

Target Fitted Merona Shirt (essentially the same thing as above) – $25 (yea, buddy)

The fashion shirt, need not really be above and beyond fashionable. Really, it’s just not specifically tailored…

Basically, they come in “Small, Medium, and Large,” rather than giving you neck and sleeve lengths,  so your best bet here is to shop around.  Try on a lot of different brands until you find the best fitting ‘off the rack’ shirt. These can be back-up shirts for work, but foremost serve as shirts for wearing with a sweater or tieless. The kind you’re not worried about rolling the sleeves up in, once in a while.

1 Oxford Collar

Sorry to go Target crazy on you here, but I saw these prices and they looked like the prime example of what I was searching for anyway so…

$13… come on, man. I know I said you only need one, but, hell they practically make guilt you into getting more here, if not just for saving packing resources?!

This is the look I was searching for before the obscenely cheap $13 one got in the way– the Washed Oxford. Literally, crumple this thing up and wash it (the $13 one). Roll up the sleeves all the time. Step on it and punch it.. then wash it again.  THEN, pair it with a light suit, sockless and tieless, top button or two popped, shades on. You will make a great impression as the guy who took out his anger on his shirt and looked EFFING good doing so.

Done. Feel free to stock up in certain areas more than others, but if you’re lacking in the white shirt department, follow this guide before you lean more towards one category.

5 Responses to “white shirts… you’ll need quite a few. 6, actually.”
  1. Rick says:

    Well I must say that reading the post on white shirts (6 at least) has been quite informative. I am really not a big fan of white dress shirts…actually I have 2..maybe 3 in my closet, and they have rarely (if ever) been worn. I never really liked the white shirt and suit…any suit…look. It just took away from everything that I was trying to accomplish, however, with a nice gray-small pin-stripe suit..a white shirt is the simple touch that pulls everything together. I am starting to warm up to white shirts but not quite yet. One day…maybe.

    • Alberto says:

      I know what you mean. White shirts are great and it is certainly cheaper to just have white dress shirts but the colors get the look when your not behind a desk. I’ve been shopping at http://www.dress-shirt.com, they have the great brands, Van Heusen, Arrow, Enro and Geoffrey Beene. They also have there own brand, Donatelli, 20 colors and there only $14.99 and quality is better than most $30.00 shirts.

  2. cj Presti says:

    If you need shirts of any size style or fashion you must see http://WWW.DRESS-SHIRTS.COM. They have great prices and every size under the sun.

  3. Nysa says:

    Well written article.

  4. Thanks for the great info!

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