A favorite mancessory amongst gentleman far and wide, the cufflink is proving to be a troublespot for some (most).

Assuming you own a french cuff shirt, please be forewarned that any “cufflinks” that come with your shirt, should not be your go-to link. They should probably be the last ones you use, actually, after repeteadly resorting to other, intentionally purchased links.

Cufflink Good Practice:

  1. Metal match (ie. gold cufflinks, gold belt buckle, gold/gold-accented watch)
  2. No link and tie sets. Nope. (See boxed shirt + tie combo’s)
  3. No bigger than about 3/4″ in any direction (imagine a 1″ square cufflink.. terribly overbearing)
  4. No overmatching (like 5 stripes of color on the link that all coincide with a color in your shirt and tie, sounds good on paper, but too busy in reality)

Good Choices

Notice a pattern? Trim, clean lines, bold but not “snazzy” (man-equivalent of tacky, or hey-look-at-me-i-suck).

Too Much:

These are all clunky or ridiculous… or just ugly. Funny, the watch ones, though, I could see being pulled off in an ironic way, but only if the rest of the outfit is very subdued and trim.

For about 50 more bad examples, click here:

These make great gifts for Dads/peers you hate.

3 Responses to “cufflinks”
  1. D.Ho says:

    Keep up the good work! I’m a 23 year old and just beginning to expand my wardrobe to include nicer clothing. It appears you and I share the same ideas.

  2. Nice work, thanks for fulfilling my request.

    Something ironic:

    Aren’t these mad by Tyrwhitt or Brooks Brothers…sheesh I forget now!

    No Lego’s on your wrists son! Minimalist…if you go too far in your cufflinks, you’re no better then that guy who always says “Ey Bro”…or that last quiz you put up 2 posts ago.

  3. Lapel Pins says:

    Excellent fun! There is a cufflink for every man to choose from.

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