shorts are just short pants, really

Well, at least that’s the way we’re doing it these days.  So ditch the old khaki cargo shorts and definitely ditch your denim shorts… and defintiely ditch any and all manpri’s, and grab some short trousers.

Good Options:

Heritage… $23.00 … Now you don’t have to feel bad if you cut the edge a little for the cut-off look (not too much with the cutting, as you still want them shorts hitting more towards the knee then towards the waist level)

3 Responses to “shorts are just short pants, really”
  1. u says:

    would you say shorter guys should go for a different length?
    I usually feel knee high of shorter guys shortens them further…

  2. manshion says:

    A very good point, U. Thank you for bringing this up, I’ve been meaning to get into this subject as a post in itself.

    The good thing about these trouser-shorts/cut-off dressy shorts is that they, unlike your typical short, run a more tapered profile. As this is the case, they tend to make the short-wearer look less… obtuse. While this is definitely in line with making a shorter man appearing taller, I would also recommend that instead of stopping just above the kneecap by an inch or so, they let the short meet the top of the kneecap. Between a good attention to length and sticking with these horizontally trim shorts, I think a major victory can be had for the shorter men amongst us in their daily optical battle.

    -the editor

    • Yvonne Taranto says:

      Have two sons ages 29 and 25. Tried to teach them to dress for their shapes. Failed miserably. Still trying. One is 5′ 8″ and though slim through hips down is broad on top. Wears clothes too baggy and wears shorts too long. Which brands should he be looking at for pants and shorts?

      Other son 5′ 10″. Big boned. Needs more room in seat and thighs of pants. Which brands. Can’t seem to find anything that fits right on him. H E L P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      PS – Large mens stores have clothes that are too large.

      Many thanks for any info you may have


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