scarves in the summer

We don’t do this here:

This is silliness, straight up. A walking oxymoron that’s uncomfortable and stifling.

Why is there netting in this scarf? This may not even be a scarf, but a pashmina. A small poncho ensemble, coiled tightly around the neck.. a full-body doiley.


Please be responsible out there this summer. I’d hope you save the “light scarf” look for night time temperatures of less than 70 degrees (is that so much to ask? and can we throw in some windiness for good measure, just to back up the reasoning here for cold-weather neckwear in July?)

More on maintaing a safe body temperature in the summer months… here. (By, Dwight K. Schrute)

5 Responses to “scarves in the summer”
  1. Robert says:

    like uggz on women. in the summertime.

  2. “full-body doiley” = great vocab, and funny as hell.

    Also where did you get that last picture, sheesh! Woman hair on a scarf fringe?

    You forgot the Middle Eastern scarves man! The ones the urban youth are wearing.

  3. alaindelon says:

    I live in Hawaii where scarves are rarely seen. The last time I saw them on a person was around June and sadly resembled the poor soul in picture 2. I wanted to choke him out.

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