tattoos you should never get

If you read nothing else from this post, read this: Don’t pick the big ones off the wall.

Background information:

Tattoos are permanent. They involve ink, needles, and a lifetime warrantied piece of artwork affixed to your skin. (Don’t thank me, thank Wikipedia for that).

So when I say “Don’t pick the big ones off the wall,” I mean, only small tattoos (if that) should be chosen from the pre-designed catalog.  The idea of selecting something to tattoo onto yourself in the same way you make a selection from an ice cream truck is a little ridiculous.  Put some thought into  your tattoos. Honestly, put years of thought into them.  If you can honestly keep the idea alive for 2 years before getting it, then, perhaps, you have a quality design/message that’s worth the lifetime guarantee. I would think this goes without saying (I see this violated time and time again), but a “trendy” tattoo is probably the silliest thing in the world.  I mean, a trend, much unlike the tattoo, passes in a short time.  It’s popular for a few years or less, and then it is ridiculed for the next decade or so.  Hence, not a good idea to engrave that into your skin… especially not in visible areas.

Poor Tattoo Choices:

Lower Back

Tribal (hence making the above a two-fer)

Video-game Characters

Face Tattoos

Your own name, your girlfriend’s name (unnecessary, really… plus divorce rates are like 60%)

Curses (this one is also a two-fer as if you look ‘closely,’ you ‘might’ notice something on this gentleman’s face)

You should probably never do any of these. Use this as a guide of what exactly not to do.

4 Responses to “tattoos you should never get”
  1. LMAO…i busted out laughing on the lower back. Grown men these days.

    Actually, the first thing that came to my mind was Gordon. But yeah I totally I agree, I sat on my first tattoo cravings since high school…so that’s like 6 years…and I sat on tattoo two for like 6 months, but all decisions I won’t regret and didn’t pick out of the book lol…

  2. Delaney55 says:

    You always need to be careful and chose wisly when it comes to tattoos since ink is permanent but your ideas might not be.
    Also, better safe than sorry!

  3. mike says says:

    How could you disparage Tanooki-Suit Mario? Next you’ll say the Kuribo shoe on the ankle is a bad look.

  4. chad says:

    I see tattoos as art, and since beauty is in the eye of the beholder as the adage goes, some or these “rules” I don’t fully agree with. mainly the no tribals, but this is coming from a guy with two. I have six tattoos currently and only one is visible in a short sleeve shirt. I am not a tattoo artist, nor do I aspire to be, but I have drawn all my tattoos myself, starting from a blank page. I, simply see my tribals as abstract art. Another thing to take into account is that there is a lifestyle to tattoos (as in the photos), on that most high fashion folk, well don’t get. And, it works the other way too. That’s just from my experiences. I have a whole portfolio of designs that I’ve drawn for myself. Not for the use on others. I have one I’ve been working on for 4-5 years now. Guess what, it’s a tribal/skeletal kinda thing, and yes, large (covering most my back). I feel I am rather in tune with fashion, not trends. I hate trends, use some individual creativiy people. But, my tattoos are for me. Which is why I select the locations I do, except for the one I mentioned earlier. It is my most meaningful one as well. It’s also easy to consider it my most tastfull one as well. My point too all this, there are finer points to tattoos to be taken into consideration, and if people would only put some thought and heart into their ink, we wouldn’t see garbage tats as these pics have shown, or when the wrong person gets the wrong ink (which I feel is the bigger issue). It’s about the same as matching a suit and tie to your body type. One size doesn’t fit all.

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