more on cropped pants and rolled up pants

About two weeks ago I first explored the cropped pant look.  For those that missed it, well, the name says it all.  Men. Pants. Shorter. Ankle. Ending.  That’s the shortest way I can describe it.  Chinos and trousers, cropped is the way to go for the occasional summer-wear look.  Chinos and jeans, however, may (safely) benefit from a simple rolling.  GQ first started hinting at this in their pages early this year, and perhaps, I may be stealing their wording, but upon practice I recommend but “a simple double roll-up of the jeans/chinos”.  Just enough to expose the ankle when standing, and not so much that the rolls become the focal point of your entire look.

Well done with chinos:

Well done with jeans:


  • Pair this look with boat shoes, canvas deck shoes (some), oxfords (brown or black but either way, probably with some character), or white bucks.
  • Slimmer pants is a no-brainer, however, a fashionably pleated, roomier trouser may be acceptable if done right
  • Belt or no belt, depends how you want to dress it up/down

If you need any more inspiration, or find this a little too “on the edge of manliness” for your own tastes, well, I’ll let Elvis do the talkin’.

So, now you pretty much know it’s a good idea.

6 Responses to “more on cropped pants and rolled up pants”
  1. A.H. says:

    this is probably the worst fashion-related blog i have ever come across. maybe it will appeal to the REALLY clueless but to anyone who will listen to no-scarf during warm weather, stagnating already narrow menswear by dismissing a not necessarily feminine, but different silhouette cuts and fabrics, and fashions from target — uh, WTF?

  2. manshion says:

    i think you’ve missed the audience, theme, and tone of manshion.

    i do think i will stop focusing so much on the bargain fashion, though, and stay in a moderate range with only specific posts targeting good looks ‘on the cheap.’

  3. D.Ho says:

    Uhh yeah, no need for scarves in the summer.

  4. D.Ho says:

    From what I gather, Manshion’s target audience is straight men that are looking for a clean, well put-together look.

  5. FeloniousMoz says:

    @ A.H.: Smell ya later.

    Tried cropping two pairs of slacks last weekend according to the NYT-approved method of scoring with a razor, then tearing like a madman. First pair was successful, second ended up crooked with one leg slightly longer than the other. Tragedy ensued as a tried to correct the error and ended with short shorts. Amid GF’s scathing laughter, I cried a little and threw them in the bin.

    Left me thinking that my first attempt was lucky and that a more refined technique is needed. Suggestions?

  6. manshion says:

    Formulating a post about this for next week and looking into options, but I’m really banking on using iron-on glue. I got the idea from this strip of iron-on adhesive Ikea gives you for hemming curtains. Essentially, you can just fold up the pants to your desired length, pin them strategically and try them on to ensure desired fit. Then insert the adhesive strip within the fold and iron over the ends a bit… I’ll test it myself, of course, first in case the results are below expectations.. but this way, when you want to return the pants to normal length, I *think* you can just iron over them again to loosen up the adhesive and pull apart the bonded ends (carefully)… you’ll probably need good dry-clean, steaming, and pressing after, but hey it wouldn’t make for permanent accidents (the biggest fear with diving into this trend).

    Ps. Sucks about the pants, man… sorry to hear that, seriously.

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