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Classic American Style never really left the building, but in the fashion world it’s taken the backseat to, oh, just about everything from across the pond.  In the eyes of the fashion elite, and well, a guy like myself, the words “American Style” conjure up images of ill-fitting sweatpants with words across the rear, Ugg boots, baggy cargo shorts, lived-in hoodies, and essentially, the clothing that defines the morning after (hangover)/life of the lazy.

However, in the past 2 years I’ve found myself going into the Gap… and buying things! Prior to that, I would poke my head in, make a face telling of bad smells, shake my head, and wonder… “why do people like this crap?” Luckily, Abercrombie is the old Gap (I’ve always disliked them as they forefronted this lazy McCrap look) and Gap is the new.. well, not trendsetter.. but, er.

I don’t want to write an article entirely about the Gap, as, well, they don’t deserve all the credit.  A change in designers and a renewed focus as of late has really helped to bring them back to relevence.  A benchmark for casual clothing, they have grown up a bit, or, at least, cleaned up and trimmed up, somewhat, and, generally, about 1/3 of their collections are stylish evening/workwear these days.

For the style conscious, I’d still recommend altering a piece here or there (which is worth it when you get quality materials and craftsmanship) before taking it to the office (unless you happen to just be that perfect semi-boxy guy who fits everything off the racks– congrats! ps).  Though, with casual clothes, well, they’re casual, so tailoring is very, very optional and (usually) discouraged.

Nonetheless, today I’d like to just go through a random assortment of photos displaying classic American style (half of this stuff will have Gap-ish items, that’s why I had that whole introduction) throughout the past century, to give you some ideas and inspiration for classic casual style that doesn’t involve pre-destroyed denim and atrocious pre-washed/distressed t-shirt quality button front shirts… with mandals and a limited vocabulary that overuses the word “like.”

Well, I digress (often)… essentially, this is just a bunch of picture-hunting on my part that may be re-posted in the future with more, well-done classic American casual pictures.

Classic American Fashion:

JFK, cropped pants.

Random runway man, sporting an airy, classic look.

James Dean.

Call me juvenile, but I won’t apologize for throwing fight club imagery into manshion wherever possible.. American staples behind the scenes. I’ll excuse the undershirt.

Chunky crewneck, slightly cuffed jeans… Steve McQueen.

This pic ruins the ambiance, admittedly… but the style and the man’s talent are respectable.

JFK rules. Tonal layering, effortless style. Plus he’s on an effin’ sailboat.

Tone on tone, I forget this guy’s name, but it’s from a Gap ad.

::Punches an inanimate object back into working order:: “Eyyy”

Richie Cunningham, upstaging. Fonzy in his standard issue.

Clooney and a dog. CLASSIC (over-exaggeration).

Connery back in the day, take note on how to wear a polo properly.

3 Responses to “classic american style”
  1. JFK is classic. Effortless. Well said.

  2. MosquitoControl says:

    Gotta agree on the Gap.

    10 years ago, hell 3 years ago, I avoided the place like the plague. For a while in the early 2000s I bought jeans there. Maybe 3 pairs. Aside from that? Crap. Sad, pathetic crap.

    Now I buy all my shirts there. All of them. Well, some of my work shirts no, I’ll buy better. But my leisure shirts? All Gap Fitted or Gap Slim Fit. They have some great shirts with great materials and great cuts. Often under $30. This only happened within the past few months, possibly late 2007 possible early 2008. But whatever they’re doing they’re doing right. Shirtwise, at least.

    I also have a killer pair of slim (but not too slim) white pants.

    Then again, I’ve also discovered a love of H&M suits. Once ridiculed by me for being absolute trash, which they are, I now respect the insanely low price and very modern, slim fit. Wear them somewhere that suits aren’t expected and you’ll make a damned good impression. Wear them somewhere they are and the cheapness might show (really, it’s somewhat obvious when there’s another suit around for comparison, but at a bar? Their linen suits stand out in the positive way.)

  3. Calvin says:

    That guy is called Wentworth Miller (from Prison Break)

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