Manshion(plus)… fashion tips for larger men

Manshion (plus) will focus on style tips for larger guys.. I have enlisted the help of a fashionable and slightly heavier friend of mine to periodically shed some light on a forgotten and growing (no pun intended) market of men, also looking to impress with their manshionsense. For the record, this marks the first time in all 88+ manshion posts that someone other than I has written the content.

-The Editor

“Too Big, or Not Too Big?…That is the Question”

Have you ever looked down toward your feet and seen a globular object obstructing your view of those brand new leather shoes? If so, then you’re reading the right article. These are a few helpful tips for all you “Big & Tall” guys, mainly big, who have the sense enough to care about being chic, suave and sophisticated, but are constantly hindered by restrictions put in place by unsightly bodily “mass.” Yeah, let’s call it mass for now.

Being a fellow “big man,” I can fully understand and appreciate when a size 38+ (waist) guy purchases a $600 dollar Ralph Lauren suit, and allows it to sit in his closet for months on end in hopes of one day being small enough to wear it the “right way.” Well, now you can break out that suit and go buy some new shoes to match. Here are some fool-proof ways to look GQ with a few extra LBs.:

The Tailored Shirt:

– Step 1-Admit that you are large. Now that that’s out of the way this mission will be 50% easier. Big guys often attempt to hide their stomach, depending on how large, with ginormous shirts. Although this may feel extremely comfortable, all that extra material will add to your already seemingly large physique. A tailored shirt should be worn exactly as it is stated… tailored! Please don’t confuse this with tight…they are very different. “Button-up” shirts should fit to where the armpits of the shirt lie securely under your armpits…where they’re supposed to be. Anything larger will seem as if you are wearing a women’s nightgown tucked inside your pants. NOT COOL! Not to mention, the larger the shirt, the more “upside-down-triangular-shaped” your body will seem. By wearing a shirt that will fit semi-snug around your arms and midsection, you are losing the illusion of the extra 5 lbs that the big shirt puts on. Besides, you can’t change your weight with a shirt….that will take diet and exercise.

Slacks/Dress pants:

Much like shirts, you aren’t going to change the illusion of being “big” by putting on a certain pair of pants. And FYI, pulling your pants all the way to the midsection and wringing your belt as tight as possible does NOT make you look smaller…just more squished. If you have what I like to call a “prego-belly,” pants should remain underneath the stomach where your actual waste-line is located. If you feel that your stomach is sticking out or poking over the top of your pants, it probably is…but then again…its your stomach. To avoid feeling the tight pull of your shirt-pants meeting area, untuck your shirt ever-so-slightly, enough to give your stomach some breathing room….hey don’t forget you have to eat lunch before you can retire to your humble abode and throw on those favorite pair of sweat pants you wear everyday to make you feel a little smaller than you really are.
Next time, we will discuss the “do’s and don’ts” of business causal apparel. Can a sports coat still be “sporty” at size 52R?

One Response to “Manshion(plus)… fashion tips for larger men”
  1. Broski Conyers says:

    These tips are top board. Although I am not a too round a brother, I found the read smooth and the tips useful, well its seems they would and will be. Cheers to the editor and “LaRok”

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