manskirts? as in, skirts.. for MEN?

Hell’s frozen over and Tupac was caught on his way to the studio (making the unbelieveable rumors of him hiding in Cuba true)… why? Because men are now wearing skirts. It’s a horrible epidemic and 5’s and maybe 10’s of men wordwide in pant-wearing countries are throwing a skirt or two in the mix.

Caught in the Act:


  • This actually is acceptable practice in Samoa
  • A kilt doesn’t count, but those should only be worn ceremonially.. so no wearing kilts to work
  • Freeballing in a manskirt should be a crime
4 Responses to “manskirts? as in, skirts.. for MEN?”
  1. Freestyler says:

    Why so conservative. Skirts are cool, even for men. And it’s good for the fertillity

  2. Pablo Raul Trillion III says:

    Skirts are only cool for women. No man should ever wear a skirt unless you are Roddy Roddy Piper aka Hot Rod. It doesn’t matter how secure a “man” is with his sexuality. Not good in my book..not at all.

  3. Neintrends says:

    Skirts as office-wear for men is a definite NO. I can barely stand looking at my coworkers’ legs in over-sized cargo shorts.

    However, for a nice cocktail event or party, why not? NOT in loud colors, of course, but in simple, dark colors. Better yet, don one of Gaultier’s pant-skirts or the beautifully made skirts by Comme des Garcons or Yojhi Yamamoto.

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