A Man’s Guide to Luggage

Traveling is a part of every man’s life. We will experience various moves, weekend trips, and long getaways throughout the course of our lives. The way you travel should reflect the time spent on your trip – it’s a crime to see someone on a weekend trip with one of those wimpy duffle bags with their company logos (I live in NYC, so I see it quite often; I do not want to see your Goldman Sachs / Merrill Lynch bag over the weekend…EVER). I personally feel that each man should have at least 4-5 pieces of luggage, which should satisfy all their travel needs. The five are listed below:

1. The weekend duffle bag
2. The computer carrier (can carry/roll this one)
3. The garment bag
4. Small Wheeled Tote
5. Large Wheeled Tote

The weekend duffel should be a staple – I’m sure everyone will go on numerous trips, whether in college or in the real world to see friends, significant others, or families. Does it make sense to have a small wheeled tote when you’re only going for 2 days? F**k no. That’s why the weekend duffel is essential; you can fit everything you need for the weekend and still have space to bring back a couple goodies if you feel the urge to pick up something you saw on Mansion.net last week.

For those of us in the business world, the computer is almost as necessary as air, so if you ever need to bring it along with you, it would be imperative to get some nice sturdy business travel gear. I actually have a rolling carrier by Swiss Army, which make some extremely reliable gear. *Note – I put the site here just so you could see the styles, but please believe, living up to the code of Manshion, I made the purchase from our good old friends at target for about $70*

Garment bags are also very useful, because if you’re ever going to a wedding or business trip, you can bring your suit, shirts, and shoes, but also pack in some casual clothes as well. Most garment bags will have enough space for both formal and casual wear, so it can serve as dual purpose piece of luggage, fitting for both business and pleasure. Lastly, get a small and a large wheeled tote. These will serve you well on your longer trips, like those vacations in Macau for 2 weeks (yes I know, several years away, but I can dream too). To be honest, the large wheeled tote should only be used for hauling dead bodies into the sewer because there is SO MUCH SPACE. Usually women (not to discriminate) will use these on the trips I mentioned before, but they have 8x more shoes and 50x more make-up/accessories. But seriously, use these when you’re moving or going away for about 2 months – you will never really need to use this, but always good to have.

So there you have it, your travel needs summed in a Manshion blog – a piece of luggage for nearly every occasion. If there is something I missed, please let me know, in the spirit of manshion, always open for comments and new ideas.


**Luggage buyer’s guide to follow**

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