Bargains on Luggage and more…

Luggage Sets Rule:

You wouldn’t believe a set with classic style (not gimmicky or cheap looking, either), made of high quality “Montana” leather would set you back only $140. Thank you, Overstock.

I’d personally opt for the black over the metal finish, but hey, people are saying they really are built as tough as they look. 4.5/5 stars, 280+/300 people recommend them… $150, all three.

Kenneth Cole, on sale for $200.. check their clearance for more from the collection… sorry I couldn’t give you the family shot on this pretty bunch.

…and just in case you have no luggage, no money, and a trip coming up this weekend… this sets only $20. It looks good, all considered, and will probably last you until just about the second you get back.  The moment you re-enter your home the bags with fall apart at the seams and curl up like worms drying on the pavement before crusting over and eventually dissipating away into the atmosphere as dust.

PS. Don’t wear the effin’ backpack over a suit jacket. Rolled-up sleeve oxford shirt, fine, but if a strap is to grace you blazer’s shoulder, it best belong to a reputable manbag.

I’d like to thank the Black George Clooney, once again, for contributing his insight to Manshion.  Sure I, the editor, have my opinions …some of which are strong (ie. No Manskirts–NEVER.) and offend some (again, see manskirts for a dude who thinks I’m being too conservative in looking down upon non-ceremonial skirt wearing in Western countries)… but alas, I am nothing more than a regular guy who gets complimented on his dress often enough to think he’s somewhat fashion inclined. By any token, I am simply trying to say that reader submissions and topic suggestions are always welcome. I read any and all comments and would certainly entertain the idea of guest writers and collaborators.  Feel free to contact me at

Thanks again everyone, and please stay tuned to manshion as I am currently working out the logistics for a new site layout and features (some of which may be new to the internet at large..GASP).

Seriously, though, thank you.

-the editor.


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