pocket squares, risky business

The pocket square had a revival this century. We all know this. If you didn’t know this, STOP yourself from cracking the giddy schoolboy smirk, dreaming up the “endless possibilities” the “daring” pocket squares you will wear can add to your shirt/tie combo repertoire. Please, control the urge.

There’s three types of guys in this world. Well, four.

  1. The man who loves the pocket square.
  2. The one who may here and there throw one in the mix.
  3. The man who will never bother with one and does not see the point (understandable).
  4. The man who does not wear clothes that allow for a pocket square. Almost forgot this guy.

Man who loves pocket square:

  • Often a little over the top with his pocket flair, however…
  • It’s his “thing” and this is O.K. so long as…
  • He’s got himself together otherwise–good understanding of basic manshion principles.
  • From left to right:
    • Casual with handkerchief, like it (purple loafers apparently are the sheez overseas)
    • The old-school gentleman, this is that guy you see on the bus/train/sidewalk every day that looks like he lives in the 50’s-60’s… it would not surprise you if he drove an old black Chrysler straight out of Dick Tracey
    • Where’s his monocle? The ridiculous old man with the license to wear whatever he wants… a dream to him, a nightmare for some.
    • The well done, although loud pocket square.

The Once in a While Guy:

  • White is safe, clean, nice for work.
  • Mad Men. ‘nough said.


  • Like everything except for luxory brand formalwear, don’t get your pocket square from a box set
  • Boxed sets = the devil
  • Don’t overdo it. Or.. overdo it and be “that guy.” It’s your choice really… just get it together on the basics first or you’ll be a walking distraction.

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