Fall Fashion Staples.

As fall comes upon us, its time to stock up on some essentials for the season that are no-brainers.  Now, I know several people usually like to buy the latest and greatest fad of the season.  I personally believe you should never buy into a fad, because it will disappear in no time and some new apparel will replace it.  So, below find some quick essentials for your fall wardrobe – and please believe they will almost never go out of style.
I like to have a few jackets in the repertoire during the fall – try out a trench and a nice navy blue pea coat.  The trench will give you a classic look and should be a timeless classic in every man’s closet.  Try to get a slim, knee-length style that is a three or four button.  htt
Check out the one here from Banana Republic (whom I generally endorse with having quality apparel at decent prices – a good majority of the goods I will speak about today will be from here, so Banana, view this as free advertising).
I like the color navy blue because it goes with nearly everything.  It’s a nice touch to a night out or even a stroll through the park on a breezy autumn afternoon.  Make sure its slim fit as well so you don’t look like a baggy sailor going to sea – and dont be afraid to show a little cuff when you wear a button down underneath.  I try to buy a size smaller than I would usually wear, just so I can get the snug fit I like.  This pea coat is different, but the texture is defintely pretty cool and wouldn’t be a bad investment.
Looking presentable at all times doesn’t mean dressing up everytime you go out.  A casual look could involve a pair of jeans, button down, and a nice hoodie.  Again, there are tons of company’s who market $100+ hoodies – pause.  That’s RIDICULOUS for anyone to spend that much on a damn hoodie.  I know inflation is kicking our asses, but let’s be reasonable.  Solid colors always work well, and throwing in some patterns (stripes) can spice up an outfit.  Old Navy has a pretty good selection of both solid and patterned hoodies at reasonable prices – I try to avoid anything with gaudy letters and emblems, so just a solid blue and grey would go fine.
Seemingly old man, but they go hard.  Get your style game up.
View above – again, another timeless piece.  Of course, designs will be updated as time progresses, but the basic idea will not be replicated.  Come out with one of these bad boys on and I promise you will turn some heads.
Forgot to mention, but plaid is definitely in.  Plaid dress pants, or even a plaid overcoat are definitely some items you should throw in your wardrobe.  GQ had a section on plaid suits in their latest issue which gives some highlights on the pattern.
Check out some of the items listed in the links above for some of your fall needs.  Remember to keep it simple – the colors are basic, and can go nice with some of the more “traditional” fall colors like oranges, yellows and greens.  Mix and match to see what suits you the best.  Try something new.  Again, these tips aren’t for you to follow to a tee; try them out and then develop your own personal style.

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