Shop it To Me!

Ever wondering where people find sales?  Tirelessly walking through the streets of your respective city scouring through stores for the best sale?  Looking online can be a pain too – I know how powerful Google can be, but sometimes they just don’t pull up the correct information either.  If you’ve experienced any of these problems, look no further.  TBGC proudly endorses “Shop it to Me,” the equivalent of a personal online shopper (as Kip Dynamite once said; “I love technology…”).

Essentially, you can select your favorite apparel brands and sizes, and then the service will do all the scouring for you to find sales at stores that carry those brands.  Once they find are able to match some of your preferences, they will send an e-mail highlighting some good sales.  The options cover pretty much all types of clothing from outerwear to athletic wear, so after you visit Mansion for some tips, check out the site and find some good deals.  You can also select the frequency of your e-mail distributions – I have Monday and Thursday so I can get my mind off ABSOLUTELY HATING MONDAYS by looking for some nice apparel, and Thursdays just as a reminder that the weekend is approaching and what better way to spend some time than making yourself look good. (others as well, that’s why we write). 

Check out the site at and let me know what you think about it.  As a busy professional, I find it a very useful way to find some good clothes at reasonable prices. 

Look sharp out there folks.



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