taper the legs

I feel as if I talk about the finer points (…from the consumer’s standpoint) of tailoring at least once a week. Oh well, here’s more advice.

Taper the legs.

Assuming you’ve taken your jacket size down a notch, read up on how to pick a cheap suit and make it look expensive, you’ve phased out your last remaining man blouses, tossed your square-toe shoes (or at least the really blocky ones), bought narrow and pointy ones, gone sockless, laughed at a man in a business skirt, and decided whether you should go with a fat/med./or skinny tie… OH and read this value adding suit checklist… the next and perhaps last foreseeable step is… taking in the legs.

You’ll notice all these GQ types with the perfect fitting blazer and pants with only “enough” room. The suits we pull off the rack, although the jacket may fit snug in the right size, the included pants are still family sized.  Perhaps this is the aftermath of the pleated pant going extinct (though fashionistas are hinting at a resurgence in the coming years… debatable, but hey, it’s fashion–shit goes in cycles) and designers wanting hold on to their girth (HA!) despite going flat front. Perhaps.  Oh, and speaking of GQ… whenever they run a best suits under $500 spot, they always tell you that the suits are off the rack aside from tapering and hemming.


Of the rack: (not showing the legs much, i know.. but even at a glance you can see how wide they are compared to the subsequent GQ version)

GQ Version, tapered a bit:

Regardless, I recently had my pant legs tapered in an inch and it has made a world of difference. $20-30 later, I love my suit again. (For the record, I haven’t worn this suit in over a year, it was a size too big… so actually I got the jacket tapered and the pants for $47 total.)

2 Responses to “taper the legs”
  1. Just took care of this today matter fact.

    And because I think the quote should be published officially:

    “Soon I will no longer be in need of a belt = The Promised Land”

  2. John says:

    I’m doing the same with mine. I loathe looking at men in balloon pants (look like they’re still wearing daddy’s suit) and noticed mine were wide. It’s a balancing act though; suit pants are often thin, so you don’t want to get snug or you’ll damage the fabric. I still have pleats though I’m not a fan; can’t find something affordable for the middle class without. Other than suitpants, however, I own no pleats.

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