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I subscribe to a ridiculous number of blogs and media sites regarding men’s fashion and lifestyle news. One of which, of course, is, the web hub for both GQ and Details magazines. Recently, I’ve been receiving news of video interviews, tips, tricks, and news shorts from the feed that peaked my interest.  Who wouldn’t want to the the sartorialist talk it up with some cutting edge designers? (Well, most of you wouldn’t, it’s quite unecessary, I’m just really into fashion). So, feel free to check it out, rip off some outfits, etc.

My only beef, however, is with the title of their interview series, “In the Closet.”  I mean, really guys? You’re already dealing with a bunch of fashion designers and sitting around pow-wow-style, chatting about what’s coming down the runway. Do we really need to make matters worse by slapping the title “In the Closet” on a series of men’s fashion videos? Again, manshion does not discriminate against anyone’s sexual preferences. Despite trying to be the “manly man’s” source for fashion tips and shopping lists, the idea is really about solidifying a comfortable, universal imagine of masculinity that all men can subscribe to without having to feel hesitant about pursuing a little bit of style in their wardrobe.  When the biggest name in men’s fashion media slaps the title “In the Closet” on any media geared towards their readers, showcasing men’s designers, it really just brings up a lot of unsettling assumptions and questions. I’m sure the designers themselves aren’t thrilled about the idea of being (from the clips I’ve seen thus far) part of the straight minority of men’s fashion designers and appearing in segments titled “In the Closet.” I’m comfortable with my sexuality, but to be honest, when it comes to discussing manshion, I’d be a little bothered if it were on a show called “In the Closet.”

Pardon the rant, just feel like its a misleading step back, not the best way to reel in their target audience, and reinforcing negative stereotypes (accidentally, perhaps) about men’s fashion. Is it negative that so many men in the fashion industry are batting for the other team? Not at all. But the stereotyping of all those involved in fashion is certainly unwelcome and negative. Pretty much, it’s shit like this that makes a guy feel ashamed of caring too much about his looks. I shouldn’t have to hide watching a fashion interview clip at work, but when the screen is boldly displaying “In the Closet” above a video clip of 4 fashion-forward men, talking it up in a sausage-fest round… it’s not exactly something to call the guys over to “come watch with me.”

So, um, check out the clips here. In the comfort of your own home, or strategically positioned, covert cubicle.

Cool stuff and a nice peak into the industry…but do I really want to be ‘in the closet’ with Shipley? …and Halmos? and polo shirt guy who didn’t get the white shirt memo? hmmm…

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