rolled up blazer sleeves

We just roll everything up these days, huh? Not even mad at this one. Always been a fan of Miami Vice. That’s a lie actually, a bold face lie. Anywho, keep the blazer thin–a liner isn’t necessary.  For that reason, don’t spend more than you have to here.  I mean, you’re basically abusing the jacket every time you wear it like this, so be froogle.

Modern, slim lapels are best:

Buy it on the small side or take it to a cheap tailor. Again, a cotton blazer should be treated like a shirt, albeit an expensive polo shirt, but a shirt nonetheless.

Wear it like this (pardon the scarf):

Personally, I opt for the washed collared shirt underneath, but a polo works:

Actually, for a classic look.. I would not do THIS particular polo, as this will make for embarrassing old photos down the road of you in your “wild” days, where “you didn’t know any better” and it was “cool at the time.”

Rules of Thumb(s):

  1. Go with a light blazer…ie. linen, cotton, perhaps a thin/unlined corduroy
  2. NO heavy tweed unless you’re just rolling the cuff on a teachers jacket (see below)… I mean, the idea is that it’s hot outside, hence the pushed up sleeves… so why would you wear a winter-weighted jacket?
  3. I’d advise against the t-shirt and rolled up blazer sleeves look.. it’s literally textbook Miami Vice, LITERALLY(ha.)
  4. Pairs well with cropped pants/sockless combo
  5. Also goes well with nice trouser-shorts and boat shoes

Rolled Cuff:

Just for reference.. take it down a roll and let your sleeves hover above your watch area. This can be done with heavier jackets, perhaps rolled only once or twice with the shirt sleeves rolled up into the mix as well. This teacher’s jacket would do the trick well:

Washed oxford and tweed skinny tie not included.

3 Responses to “rolled up blazer sleeves”
  1. NSK says:

    this is a great post. important to note, though, that working buttonholes will greatly ease the rolling-up-sleeves process.

    see for inexpensive custom casual jackets ideal for rolling up.

  2. YOUKNOW says:

    Sweetness, question. which jackets on dress monkey are ideal??

  3. 4hautespot says:

    Solid Advice. I love the writing style too. Very funny.

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