more tips for the vertically challenged

  1. When wearing a suit jacket or blazer, it is even more important to short some cuff, at least ½ inch. This makes your arms look longer than they actually are.
  2. You want low buttons on a blazer or suit jacket, to elongate your torso.
  3. It’s even more essential to wear a slimmer tie because a 3 ½ tie or more can take up a good portion of your torso and make you look shorter, if you have a small chest. I prefer 2 ½ inches for both business and casual settings, but no smaller than 2 inches.
  4. To avoid the baggy shirt look, buy slim fit and tuck your shirt all the way into your pants. Then simply lift your arms straight above your head. This should give you the perfect amount of space so that you are comfortable and you show your belt.
  5. You MUST get your pants tailored for both length and perhaps width. Length is easy to tailor, just make sure it fits your waist well and the crouch is not near your kneecaps. You want either none or very little break in your pants.

Never Look Like This:

Other important information:

  • Don’t buy a size small just because it is is the smallest size in the store. If that does not fit, look for a store with an extra small or go into the big kid’s department.
  • The only big kid’s store I would go into is Brooks Brothers. They have great quality shirts for any size, and if you get them on sale they turn out to be very affordable. I found one the other day for $22.50!
  • If you do not mind spending more, Club Monaco has XS and their shirts are wonderful quality. They can cost up to $79.50 though. Try to catch them on sale.
  • For the New Yorkers, Uniqlo in SoHo has XS and they have very nice, quality dress shirts in all types of colors, and patterns (stick to pinstriped shirts as mentioned). Regular price is $39.50 but they go on sale as well.

-another short(er) man

2 Responses to “more tips for the vertically challenged”
  1. That last bullet on my favorite store: Uniqlo!!!!!!

    I’d like to add that a majority of the shirts are no-iron wrinkle free…feel great…and even with the absence of a slim fit label…feel quite slimmy!

    Love that store.

  2. Anthony says:

    yes, the no-iron wrinkle free detail is key.

    uniqlo is indeed a wonderful store!!! lots of good quality dress shirts, all type of colors and patterns, and only $40 a shirt. they also have great merino wool sweaters that are very affordable.

    if you’re from NY you have to check it out, its really great.

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